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FAQs / How to Purchase

  • Why is Orion Motors building 365-camper vans on the Ford Transit?
    Orion Motors offers extended-length, high-roof Ford Transit vans. This “long/tall’ version of the Transit is key to enabling the configurable design of our campers. (Any new or used long T-250 and T-350 model). We also felt that the Ford Transit offers a better ownership experience: there are 10x more Ford dealerships in the US than Mercedes-Benz, especially in the Great Plains and Mountain regions. We know this will result in better customer support and service. By exclusively building on the Ford Transit platform, it allows us to standardize our designs and streamline our processes, which allows us to maximize our innovation for our customers. Finally, Ford started offering all-wheel drive starting the 2020 model year and they launched an electric van in 2022 model year.
  • What is the typical fuel economy?
    Ford does not publish official fuel economy values for this van and mileage will vary based on the terrain travelled, however, we have observed approximately 16-19 MPG with the RWD, High-Roof version with the EcoBoost V-6. The AWD version is closer to 14-16 MPG.
  • Does the van come with solar panels?
    Orion 365 comes standard with a 200w solar panel array and charge controller. This helps maintain the state of charge on the batteries, and can support running the refrigerator, vent fan, and lighting continuously.
  • How does it drive? It seems big to me.
    The Ford Transit extended length chassis is 148” between the front wheels and the rear wheels (aka wheelbase). This is similar to a Ford F150 SuperCab pickup truck. So, if you haven’t driven a van before, it handles like a big pickup truck or an overgrown minivan. Ford has also released a vehicle control feature called SIDE WIND STABILISATION, which is available on some Ford Transit models. The controls on the vehicle like steering and braking have similar efforts to a passenger car, so no additional strength is required to operate the vehicle. Additionally, there are several standard features from Ford that make low speed maneuverability easier, such as wide mirrors, side windows, a backup camera, and park distance sensors. Please contact us for a show and tell and test drive in the Milwaukee area.
  • How do I power my stuff? What is your electrical solution?
    The Orion 365 camper van comes standard with 12V, 120V, and 5V USB power ports. These are powered in a variety of ways. Primarily these systems are powered by additional 'house' batteries. This arrangement will typically power the fridge, vent fan, and LED lights for three days between charging, without counting solar. House batteries are charged from the vehicle alternator as soon as the van is started. If the van is moved every three days, the batteries stay charged. To help extend the usefulness of the batteries, Orion 365 comes standard with a solar charging system. Finally, the Orion 365 can be plugged into any 120V outlet, to provide ‘shore-power’. This electrical hookup will provide power to the van accessories and also charge the batteries automatically. Shore-power or a generator are required to power the air conditioner, due to the higher power draw.
  • How much weight can the bed lifts support?
    The bed lifts have been designed to support up to 1200 lbs., and have been static tested to that load. Beds can be lowered into place within seconds. The bed lift straps need to be periodically inspected per the owner’s manual instructions.
  • How big is it, and will it fit in my garage?
    The finished van is approximately 9’6” tall. Taller if you have the vent fan open, or the optional air conditioning installed. This means that it will generally not fit in a residential garage. However, Ford has engineered this van to be outside in any weather. We have not made structural changes to the outside of the vehicle, so it should not experience roof leakage issues. A further benefit of building on a van chassis is that it is small enough to be parked in a driveway or on a street, and generally does not count as a ‘motorhome’, for home-owners’ associations. Some national parks limit the max length of a van to 25’, or do not allow soft sided tents for bear safety. At 22’ long with an all-metal construction, you can go anywhere. Exterior height: Height with vent fan closed is 114” or 9’6”, Height with air conditioner installed is 122” or 10’2’. Interior height: Headroom without beds is approximately 79” or 6’7”, Headroom under the front bed is approximately 71” or 5’11”, Headroom under the rear bed is approximately 69” or 5’9”.
  • What are the types of things I can transport? How do I store bikes, and other cargo?
    The Orion 365 comes standard with an L-Track system (aka ‘logistical track’). This is a common cargo mount system that enables many different types of quick attachment methods to secure special loads. Such as bicycles, motorcycles, dirt bikes, 4’x8’ sheet of plywood, kayaks, canoes, IKEA flat pack furniture, etc. Bonus: you can mop-out the interior without worry.
  • How is drinking water managed?
    Orion 365 comes standard with a 5-gallon freshwater tank, and a 5 gallon ‘gray’ water tank from the sink drain. This reduces maintenance, as the freshwater tank can be removed and filled anywhere, and the gray water tank can be dumped anywhere there is a toilet or sink. If more freshwater capacity is desired, an optional 25-gallon tank with on-demand water heater is available. Part of the 25-gallon upgrade is an external shower attachment to take a shower in nature.
  • How many campers can the Orion 365 seat and sleep?
    Our current vehicle layout is optimized for 5 people to provide more travel and camping options for families and friends. Additionally uses include: Tailgate events, kid’s sports tournaments, Family Bike Rides, Couple’s retreat, and endless other uses. We are happy to work with customers who plan on traveling with only two campers on options. We plan on developing another model in the future optimized for two travelers, and welcome suggestions for features or functionality on our designs to meet your needs.
  • Can I use it in colder weather?
    Primarily, Orion 365 is focused on three-season use. It has Thinsulate and sheep's wool insulation in the walls, bulkhead, doors, and ceiling. It comes with a gasoline powered cabin heater, standard. However, this camper does not have heated water tanks or double pane windows.
  • Do you provide the van, or do I need to find it?
    We specialize in upfitting a customer’s van into an Orion camper van, what we affectionately call “Bring Your Own Van (BYOV)”. We are willing to help source a new or used van with our dealership partners, or you can work with your own dealer. We recommend working with larger dealership that have fleet sales, as the order is typically filled with higher priority. In order to ensure we can build out your van, we ask to review the specifications, and even your selected vehicle - especially if it is a used van, prior to purchasing. Please let us know how we can help!
  • How long does it take to convert a van once I bring one to you?
    Our production time to build from bumper-to-bed is about 3 months from the receipt of the customers van at Orion HQ. A delivery date will be agreed upon at the time of signing the sales contract and deposit, and is subject to our shop schedule.
  • What bells and whistles can I get on my Orion Motors 365-camper van? What options do you offer? How customizable is it?
    We are focused on delivering a standard van that configures to meet your needs, all year long - don't forget to check out our Features & Specs! On top of that, you get to select: Toilet choice (port-a-potty, dry-flush, or composting), External Appearance package upgrade and wheels (stealth, standard graphics, custom), Air Conditioning upgrade, Hot shower upgrade (+25-gal freshwater and water heater), Infotainment upgrade (stereo and dedicated Wi-Fi). There are also some minor product alterations that can be made if the fundamental design is not altered, such as removing a window or seat. Please contact us for a show and tell or demo, either virtually or in person in the Milwaukee area.
  • Does Orion Motors ship vehicles?
    We love delivering your Orion 365 camper van to you in person, and can deliver within a 100 mile radius. We are also willing to ship your camper van to your desired location. Customer will be responsible for making the shipping arrangements and covering costs.
  • Is a deposit required?
    A deposit of $4,000 is required to hold your build slot on the calendar. As we approach your build and sign the final sales contract, we ask for 50% payment to support parts ordering. Wire transfer and cashier’s check are the most common forms of payment. Full payment must be received at time of delivery of your Orion 365 camper van.
  • How much does a 365-camper van conversion cost?
    Your total budget should include the van and our upfit. Our standard package for the van upfit is listed on the 'Features & Specs' page, and new cargo van price varies based on which van is chosen, and which options are selected. We have a Bring Your Own Van (BYOV) approach: remember you can provide a used van that meets our specifications also!
  • Does Orion Motors offer leasing or rental for Orion Motors 365-camper van?
    We do not currently offer leasing or rentals, and we are on the lookout for rental partners. However, we know a test run is an important part of your purchase decision. If you have made a refundable deposit on an upfit with us, we will do our best to arrange an extended test ride to make sure you are going to be happy with your upfit and your option selections.
  • Does Orion Motors offer financing for Orion Motors 365-camper van?
    Orion Motors does not currently offer financing options directly, however we have RV loan services we can recommend. The base cargo van may be financed through the dealership.
  • Where can I kick the tires of an Orion Motors vehicle?
    We have display models available for our future customers to explore. Book an appointment to visit our workshop for a personal review (in-person or virtual video call). Also, check out the Orion Motors website at, or on social media, for upcoming events.
  • What is the Orion 365 warranty?
    Orion Motors LLC. delivers both performance and buyer protection. The Orion Motor’s conversion and craftmanship is covered under a 3-year, 50,000 mile warranty. Select features included in your conversion like the refrigerator, vent fan, toilet, and others are subject to the manufacturer's warranty. The Orion 365 vehicle conversion does not impact the warranty offered by Ford Motor Company and is transferable with the Orion 365 vehicle.
  • Where would I get my Orion Motors 365-camper van serviced?
    We have designed the Orion 365 upfit to require as little maintenance as possible. While your local Ford dealer will support your Transit van maintenance schedule for inspections and service, the upfit is covered by an Orion Motors warranty for 3-year, 50,000 miles. Please contact us for the details.
  • How do I purchase service parts for my Orion Motors vehicle?
    Any OEM parts for the Ford Transit van can be sourced from your local Ford dealer. Your upfit also comes with a 3-year, 50,000 mile warranty. Beyond that time, contact us and we will do our best to get you a replacement part. If we do not have the part, we will help you find a source or a service center near you for help.

Still have questions?  Schedule a session just for you!

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