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relax mode inside

Relax Mode

In ‘Relax Mode’ both beds are stowed up high and out of the way.  Lower the folding couch and turn the chairs toward each other for a portable lounge.

Nothing says camping like cooking outside.

Orion has all three elements of the kitchen within reach outside: stove, sink, and fridge. Simply set up the outside table that holds your camp stove and extended faucet... even the fridge is accessible from outside, so you can make black forest crepes for the hangry masses.

Relax Mode

In ‘Relax Mode’ both beds are stowed up high and out of the way. The front passenger seats swivel and the second-row seats pivot to the wall, giving you a bench with full access to the kitchen and entertainment. If the cargo area is free, a rear couch folds out for additional seating, lounging, or napping.

For an outside focus, the external awning folds down and the kitchen can be moved outside. The TV mount can be moved to multiple positions enabling outside viewing.


portable gas camp stove


Nova Kool 2300 (2.3 cu ft


Option of Laveo Dry Flush, composting toilet, or cassette


32" with WiFi hotspot and cell booster

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