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Orion 365 Camper Van Upfit: Ford Transit

Orion 365 Camper Van Upfit: Ford Transit



  • Our build is optimized for your High Roof, Extended Cab (148") Ford Transit from 2015 to the current version. Note the T-250 or T-350 are compatible, as are the RWD or AWD models.
  • Passengers:   Seats 5, Sleeps 5

Included Seating

  • Front seats: OEM Ford Transit with side curtain airbags (SWIVEL)
  • Second row: Two moveable and reclining seats
  • Third row: One moveable and reclining seat
  • Folding Couch/Bed: Sleeps 1, Seats 3


  • Bed Size: 2 Full-size beds (not “RV full” which is actually smaller and limits bed availability)
  • Bed weight rating: 1200 lbs
  • Folding Couch / Bed weight rating: 900 lbs


  • Stove: 2-burner portable camp stove with external propane cylinder
  • Sink type and size: Stainless steel 10x13"
  • Fridge: 2.1 cu ft, DC powered
  • Water / gray water: 5 gallon freshwater, 5 gallon gray water removable tanks


  • Forward driving lights: 2 driving lights
  • Perimeter lights: 2 perimeter lights
  • Interior lights: Dimmable ambient LED strips


  • Outlets: 120v and 5v (USB) around the inside perimeter of the van
  • Charging    250A Ford alternator (charges all batteries whenever van is running)
  • Converter    120v to 12v converter for shore power, 55A
  • Inverter    12v to 120v inverter for electronics on-the-go, 2000w
  • Solar    200w Solar cells with charge controller
  • Batteries    1 start battery (can be used for electronics, until battery cutoff switch disconnects) 2 auxiliarry deep cycle marine batteries (for vehicle use when stationary, until cutoff switch disconnects)

Climate Control

  • Fan    Auto vent fan

AC Option    Optional Air Conditioning
Heater    Gasoline-powered cabin heater
Side    Drivers side and sliding door windows open awning style
Rear    Rear cargo door window with slider
Three toilet choices    Cassette toilet standard, Optional Dry flush or Composting
L-track (logistical track)    Tracks lining rear cargo area enable a variety of special attachments
WiFi    >2020 Ford 4G hotspot enabled van
Cell    Optional Cell Booster
TV    32" LED flatscreen, WiFi enabled
Key Dimensions
Interior Headroom    Headroom without beds is approximately 79” or 6’7”,
Headroom under the front bed is approximately 71” or 5’11”,
Headroom under the rear bed is approximately 69” or 5’9”.
Cargo Area Length    50”W x 65”H x 60”L or,
30”W x 65”H x 165”L
Awning    8.5x6.5' or similar over sliding door
Hitch    Class III Trailer Hitch

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