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Build Your Orion 365 Ford Transit T-250 AWD - 2024 Build Slot

Build Your Orion 365 Ford Transit T-250 AWD - 2024 Build Slot




  • Our build is optimized for your High Roof, Extended Cab (148") Ford Transit from 2015 to the current version. Note the T-250 or T-350 are compatible, as are the RWD or AWD models.
  • Passengers:   Seats 5, Sleeps 5

Included Seating

  • Front seats: OEM Ford Transit with side curtain airbags (SWIVEL)
  • Second row: Two moveable and reclining seats
  • Third row: One moveable and reclining seat
  • Folding Couch/Bed: Sleeps 1, Seats 3


  • Bed Size: 2 Full-size beds (not “RV full” which is actually smaller and limits bed availability)
  • Bed weight rating: 1200 lbs
  • Folding Couch / Bed weight rating: 900 lbs


  • Stove: 2-burner portable camp stove with external propane cylinderSink type and size: Stainless steel 10x13"Fridge: 2.1 cu ft, DC powered
  • Water / gray water: 5 gallon freshwater, 5 gallon gray water removable tanks


  • Forward driving lights: 2 driving lights
  • Perimeter lights: 2 perimeter lights
  • Interior lights: Dimmable ambient LED strips


  • Outlets: 120v and 5v (USB) around the inside perimeter of the van
  • Charging    250A Ford alternator (charges all batteries whenever van is running)
  • Converter    120v to 12v converter for shore power, 55A
  • Inverter    12v to 120v inverter for electronics on-the-go, 2000w
  • Solar    200w Solar cells with charge controller
  • Batteries    1 start battery (can be used for electronics, until battery cutoff switch disconnects) 2 auxiliarry deep cycle marine batteries (for vehicle use when stationary, until cutoff switch disconnects)

Climate Control

  • Fan    Auto vent fan
  • AC Option    Optional Air Conditioning
  • Heater    Gasoline-powered cabin heater
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